Another Day, Another … Sand Dollar?

Day’s Verse:
All a man’s labor is for his mouth, and yet the appetite is not satisfied.
Ecclesiastes 6:7

PensiveBack in Worcester. Oh, yes. No snow has fallen; but though few leaves have turned, they fall in green abundance. No blaze of fall colors yet, just a steady decline from pleasantly cool to nippy to downright cold weather. I walked to school today behind a cloud of my own breath, hurrying to buy my books for the term ($171 for three classes; the fourth required no text). Even as my body grew too hot, my ears and neck informed me of my chilliness, and when I breathlessly swooshed into the Campus Center, I felt that distinctive too-hot feeling that assails us all during winter. The conundrum, of course, is what temperature to maintain inside in relation to outside: in sub-freezing weather, adventurous people bundle heavily to retain their extremities. But those same people arriving inside a toasty room immediately must shed their six layers in order to avoid heatstroke. Ideally, you would have a transition room, in which the subject stood and experienced progressively warmer temperatures that allowed them to shed their layers at a reasonable rate without immediately breaking out in a sweat when they came inside. Continue Reading >>