Day’s Verse:
may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth,
Ephesians 3:18

Some more 50-word stories:

Atomic Movement

Trace my trajectory: A starry arc beneath black skies? A fiery comet, here a moment and flown a thousand years? What attraction charges me? What repulsion breaks me away? I dance, an elaborate dance demanding rigorous steps and a thousand partners, breaking away with energy. The submicroscopic universe, my ballroom.

Choose Your Partner

Six scrutinized complete genomes, fine-tooth-combed. “Best of Class” award to one; the prize: implantation. Living dream of perfection, more costly than a car, the embryo grows. Parents have high hopes, because “No parents […] will have a right to burden society with a malformed or a mentally incompetent child.”*

Dream Children

Two sixth-graders pause from dashing around the playground. A leaden sky overhead threatens rain.
Jeremy: “Why’d your parents choose you?”
Kyle: “Best of the bunch.”
“Me, too. I’m smart.”
“I’m fast.”
“No major problems?”
“Just my parents’ expectations.”
The drops begin falling as they obediently heed the recess bell.

Growing Up in a Perfect World

Careful sorting at the blastosphere stage produces exciting athletic games. Students focus hours on end, tirelessly, effortlessly absorbing knowledge. The $30,000 babies, disease free, dull tacks in comparison. Cut above, endowed by their parents the gift of perfection, they travel elite roads.

Roads built by the children of love. Imperfect.

*Bentley Glass, “Science: Endless Horizons or Golden Age,” Science 171:23-29, 1971, pg. 28

3 thoughts on “Fifty-Word Stories: Day 3

  1. I’m quite enjoying these 50 word stories. Something I should maybe try myself (though probably not in my journal). Thanks 🙂

    I love your new background image 🙂

  2. The nice thing is, it’s only 50 words. So you don’t need a long time to write them, readers don’t need a long time to read them, and they’re pretty easy to do.

    Thanks, I totally snagged it off a Google search and modified it 🙂

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