Day’s Verse:
and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled up to all the fullness of God.
Ephesians 3:19

Some more 50-word stories:


Missing. Absolutely, positively gone. No clue.
No, not on my bedside table. Nor my desk, either.
Not my pockets—who would put it there? Linty!
What was I doing before I took it out, set it down?
Where was I?
How can I remember that?
I’ve lost my external memory.

Knowing You

Entwined, sweat-slick, two lovers breathed.

She felt secure, hearing his heartbeat. Perhaps the time had come to trust him completely.

Lassitude settled in his limbs, postcoital closeness encouraging him to the final intimate act.

Yes, each decided. They exchanged memory chips; two lives downloaded to one another, to become one.


Phone rang, lights blinked. Rang again. Blinked again. Echoed against bare walls, ricocheting from nearly bare floors. Soulless windows looked into blue daylight sky; counterpoint reflecting red. Rang. Blinked. Golden squares on hardwood floor dimmed phone’s blinking. No matter; no ringing or blinking could raise her sun-warmed, lifeless body. Hopeless.

Food Poisoning

She dined finely. Would’ve paid $20 at a nice restaurant. The nuances, blossoming of taste, delicate texture, scent—wonderful. She finished every bite.

Later, nausea. Surely not the dinner? Yet ominous urges mounted, increasingly demanding. Grass didn’t help. Suddenly it poured forth, a wash of vomit and undigested dog shit.


She clung to the slick, vertical cliff tenaciously. Historically, this face defeated her; not today. She felt surety of success in her exoskeleton. Then came the flood, water sweeping away grip, washing her down. Wet, dripping, she waited. Light shone. And the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the wall again.

Giants of the Earth

A million years they ruled the earth, great lizards’ thunderous steps and mighty claws dominating. They would continue; the pinnacle of evolution, none could supplant their might. Who could challenge their greatness, their strength, their utter massiveness? What could destroy razor-sharp weapons backed by immense power?

Is that a meteor?

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