Day’s Verse:
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning.
John 1:1-2

CasseroleWith less three and a half days left until our month-long hiatus in Seattle, Ian and I live on the precarious edge of refrigerator emptiness. Thus, this afternoon I looked in the refrigerator and found:

Cooked cubed chicken breast
Ground turkey
Steamed broccoli
Sour cream
No cheese

In the cabinet my roving eye alighted upon Cream of Mushroom Soup, generic Chicken Spices, and slightly dried-out bread. After some serious mother-in-law consultation (I believe in consulting experts when my expertise is exceeded), a deliciously unscripted dinner was born.

Today marks a landmark in my marriage, indeed, in my life as an adult woman, for today I have formed a casserole solely from our sorry leftovers. I can only hope this meal will go down in the family lore as a success, rather than ranking along with my parents’ infamous Pumpkin Surprise and Chicken Vertebrae Stew.

Update: It tasted fine, despite my attempt to “golden” the breaded top. Our household conneseur said he found it a tad runny, but generally a fine way to consume leftover broccoli. My fine apron is courtesy of Nora.

5 thoughts on “Momentous Meal Milestone

  1. Good on ‘ya! as the Aussies say! A little dark on top but no big deal. Hey, that apron looks vintage–don’t get rid of it!

  2. I think it is vintage… vintage Salvation Army.

    Also you can’t see this because I’m strategically holding the casserole, but it emphasizes my boobs amazingly thanks to having an “empire” waist (I think it was made for a woman with a chest twice my size).

  3. A noble casserolic enterprise. Far superior to the ham, eggs, and Gouda disaster we all remember so well. Although I do not condone the use of cream of mushroom soup under any circumstances!

  4. The ham, eggs, and gouda should have been great! They all taste great individually, and in pairs… Oh, the mysteries of mixing foods.

    Excuse me, I’ve just pulled a Mom and have to go douse the pancake I’ve left smoking on the stove.

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