Day’s Verse:
Food is for the stomach and the stomach is for food, but God will do away with both of them. Yet the body is not for immorality, but for the Lord, and the Lord is for the body.
1 Cor 6:13

Christmas GumbyYou know how last term I commented that I hoped this term would be less crazy-busy? All I have to say to that is: Ha! Ha! New commitments pile atop the previous ones, creating a wobbly mountain of responsibility. Consider today: I will spend from 10:00 to 5:00 on campus, busy the whole time. Or yesterday, which should have been incredibly productive: at 9:30 yesterday (not long after I got up, having no commitments until 2:00), a mailman knocked on our door. He had the remaining six packages Ian and I had sent ourselves, and so I spent three hours unpacking those and fitting their contents into our life here. This involved washing — by hand — all 61 pieces of our new silverware set, plus a dozen new kitchen implements (spatulas, spoons, the like), plus two sets of new dishes, plus six new ice cream sundae cups. Afterwards, I never wanted to see any of the dishes (but especially the 16 teaspoons) again. However, the arrival of these boxes is precipitating a general straightening-up that our drawers have needed for quite some time. Plus now we have three boxes full of all my books, a vast expansion of our reading library; also, we received all our DVDs, which expanded our video library as well.

All this I did before 2:00. At 2:00, I had my first ever ECE lab. We built…drumroll please…a voltage divider. Ohhh yeah, two resistors baby. One was a thermistor, which changes resistance with temperature. That went well, as I found a nice partner and the lab instructions were quite explicit. In fact, the worst part of the whole lab was walking to and fro from campus in the pouring rain. Said rain combined with unusual 58° weather melted the pile of snow we got the other day, so I cannot complain too bitterly about the wetness. I grew up in Seattle. Honestly. The tied-for-worst part about the lab was that our lab report is due today, giving us one evening to write the durn thang. Durn it, my lab-writing skillz have rusted.

Plus, I got back at 3:40 and left again at 6:00 for the Wednesday night Bible study led by Andy. I particularly like that study because the first hour we eat dinner, and the second hour we talk about God — two of my favorite things to do, all in one neat package! I am increasingly enjoying that Bible study, and the people in CBF generally; how sad that I have to leave at the end of this year, just when I have started making good friends again. And now, I begin my longest day of the week. Ta-ta, and wish me luck!

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