Day’s Verse:
Let no one seek his own good, but that of his neighbor.
1 Corinthians 10:24

…But I paid $1.50 to mail a used tennis ball from under a snowy car to the dog.

We went over transistors in my ECE class. I still don’t understand how to analyze a circuit with transistors in it, and my homework on that (I think) is due Monday. We also have another exam Tuesday.

I’m giving the talk at Friday Night Fellowship for CBF tonight. Topic TBA, not that I don’t have something planned. Seriously.

I’m 100 pages behind in my English reading for today.

Yesterday I met with John Trimbur and I have a brochure to design for the newly-renamed Professional Writing program. (Formerly Technical, Scientific, and Professional Communications; which rolls off your tongue more smoothly?)

Last night Ian and I celebrated his birthday by blowing up Happy Birthday balloons, hanging a Happy Birthday banner, eating stroganoff, having him open his gifts, and eating chocolate chip cake and ice cream. Then we watched an Abbot and Costello movie and played a game Ben and Lisa gave us for Christmas. That’s why I’m behind on my English reading, but it was worth it.

My hands keep getting lacerated in stupid ways, like cutting open an English muffin in my hand, or reaching into a soup can to wash it out.

I now own free a Gay? Fine By Me. T-shirt that I have no idea what to do with.

I am so busy I can hardly think. This is not the way life should be.

3 thoughts on “My Mom Knows Kreb-of-the-Kreb-Cycle’s Daughter…

  1. I’m sorry you’re so pressured right now but I sure appreciate you taking time to celebrate Ian’s birthday! (I thought that Kreb’s Cycle might be the name of a video game like “Myst!”)

  2. So, this T-Shirt. You didn’t pay for it, so where did it come from? And I assume from your comment that you don’t know what to do w/ it that you’re not planing on wearing it?

  3. Ryan:
    People were giving out the shirts free at the Campus Center for Social Awareness Month or something. I think I’ll wear it to bed, where nobody can see it. I don’t pass up free shirts, doesn’t matter what the shirt is (just like I don’t pass up free food!).

    Deborah: of course I’d celebrate Ian’s birthday — he’s more important than schoolwork! 🙂

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