Day’s Verse:
For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I will know fully just as I have also been fully known.
1 Cor. 13:12

Day at Beach (4)1I started to write this thoughtful blog about relationships and people and life. But then I ran out of steam, re-read what I had written, and realized it was mostly trite anyway. So I’ll settle for an update, since lots has happened in the last few days anyway.

Friday: I took my ECE and Cell Biology exams and came off feeling beaten and wrung-out. I interviewed two ECE students for my job immediately after finishing Cell Biology, then went to English. After that long run, I felt like staring blankly at a wall. Instead, Ian and I straightened the apartment, scrubbed the bathroom, and vacuumed every nook and cranny in preparation for the Women’s Sleepover that evening.

Before that, however, I went to an extra-credit Cell Biology: watching a live interactive broadcast of the Boston Museum of Science’s Frontiers on Friday. Immediately from there I went to Friday Night Fellowship with CBF, which seemingly took an eternity…and covered the same material we’ve been hearing about for weeks. I’m pretty tired of hearing the same thing at FNF, so that did drag on. Thankfully it did have to end eventually, and we women betook ourselves off to my sparkling-clean apartment to have some fun.

This fun entailed making stuffed shells and muddy buddies, draping ourselves around, and answering Loaded Questions questions (but not playing the game) to get to know a woman we didn’t know. Eventually Karissa arrived and we burned some things in a snow drift in the parking-lot. This went off like a damp piece of newspaper, since everything was wet and the blowtorch one girl had brought stubbornly refused to light due to wind issues. Eventually we burned some paper and melted some pennies, which appeased everybody so we could go back inside and watch The Cutting Edge. By 3:20 am the main characters hadn’t fallen in love, but I was falling asleep, so I left. I guess they won the gold medal and got together at the end.

Saturday: We got up about 10:00 and made an enormous breakfast-making mess in the kitchen. This eventually produced scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, and a smoothie. Then, to redeem our party as a women’s sleepover, we did facial masques. This reassures the guys that they didn’t miss anything they would have wanted to do — pyrotechnics and suffed shells are cancelled out by girly movie and green faces. The women left about 12:30, and Ian toddled on home from a night of watching Commando (Arnie killed, by their count, 104 people on screen) and playing Halo 2. I did write an ECE lab report that afternoon, but mostly did nothing useful. Mom told me all about the birth of Kallie, daughter of our family friends Ken and Karolyn (she had 18 hours of induced labor followed by a C-section. Just makes me look forward to cillens of my own). Ian and I watched more Babylon 5, read Lord Peter Wimsey novels, and retired early for the evening.

Sunday: Church, followed by the generous donation of lunch from Founders, courtesy of Nora. Then I did more homework of some stripe, but cut that short to make lasagna with leftover sauce and ricotta cheese from the sleepover. Andy, the president of CBF and a man after Ian’s own heart, favored us with his brief presence at that dinner. Then Ian and I watched even more Babylon 5, read more novels, and slept even eariler.

Which brings us to today. I will use a list for brevity:

  • Ran in the morning. Discovered I can keep up a 9 to 9 1/2-minute mile. Disappointed.
  • Called Harr Toyota to ask about Prius availability. Was told: Fortuitously enough we just so happen to have a Prius on the lot right now! Are you interested in buying it? Replied: Yes, but does it have what we want? Was told: Let me check and call you back. Calls back as I walk to class. Yes, it has what you want. Will you come buy it now? I said: No, and I have to talk to my husband. Was told: Rebate! Sale! Save money! Car may vanish! Hurry! Danger, Will Robinson! Said: If sold, too bad. Will look elsewhere; in no big hurry. Yet was eventually wrangled into seeing if husband would buy car sooner. No, he would not. He called back, left message: Will come on Saturday. If gone, will go to Westboro Toyota. Personally, felt beaten with a twig after brief phone encounter.
  • Spent entire ECE lecture lost in oblivion. Understood nothing.
  • Got 1 point off of an A on Biology exam. Hate metabolism, catabolism, and anabolism. Also, GLUT1.
  • Was flogged by Romanian tutee for hour. Tutee argued every point after asking for help clarifying. To question What do you mean to say here? constantly replied Yes. Convinced disconnected ideas perfectly tied together. Omitted introduction and conclusion, refused to hear they were necessary. Fine, twit, leave your readers in an ESL haze. Also refused to leave, even when next tutor and tutee had arrived. Kept demanding, Just one more phrase please, waving paper. Wanted to throttle by the end, but caved and corrected phrases.
  • Class. English paper. ECE reading — differentiation? Have I heard this phrase before? Control systems? Job fair tomorrow, my future fate hanging in a balance?

Excuse me while I go try to glue some hair back onto my head.

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  1. it sounds like you and I are in a similar state of frenzy these days. Since when did school become so insanely insane?!

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