Day’s Verse:
He died for all, so that they who live might no longer live for themselves, but for Him who died and rose again on their behalf.
2 Cor. 5:15

I lost one of my two really nice leather winter gloves and only realized it this morning on my way to class. They have stuck with me throughout my entire college career, faithfully protecting my fingers from frostbite and bitter wind, yet gripping slippery surfaces with all the confidence of my bare hands. Inside they were lined with soft black almost felt-like fabric, and they were the only gloves I have ever found to fit my small hands. This small loss is a tragedy of notable proportion in my humdrum life.

I conducted my interview with Yantra and was informed they would like me to come to Tewksbury to meet some of the rest of the team (11 of the people are in India…outsourcing strikes again). The interviewer warned me, however, not to get my hopes up: the opening was available now and it could very well be filled before I became available. This makes me wonder about the wisdom of interviewing college seniors for that position. I also received an email from a fellow at RSA Security with whom I will do a phone interview on Tuesday (more work for me this weekend: Learn about RSA Security). And somebody from somethingorother Instruments called me, saying they had gotten my resume and they had an immediate part-time manual-writing position open if I was interested; I was not. So some fruits are budding from those seeds.

Yet I must ask myself if computer science-related fruits even appeal at all. Do I want to write help files and software documentation? I have no experience and, frankly, less than zero interest in the nitty-gritty of software. But then, beggars can hardly be choosers, and my inherent skepticism keeps me from imagining I will get any but the lowest-paying, crummiest documentation-type job.

On to happier subjects. Ian and I reserved a room at a hotel in Boston for Friday night, as well as a dinner reservation and tickets for Othello. We will reacquaint with one another after this aggravating term. We also hope to purchase a car in the near future, a highly anticipated but equally (if not more highly) stressful experience.

If anybody has ideas for essay topics on The Crying of Lot 49, let me know.

One thought on “Roof! Oh, Roof!

  1. HI! Glad you got the postcard. We’re in Auckland–nice city. The weather is not sunny, though. Hopefully it will improve.

    And, Katie, you are not a “beggar!” My advice is don’t take a job you won’t like–as least not yet. Your worth is not linked to having a job. Love you both!

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