Day’s Verse:
For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus.
Galatians 3:26

I all A’s in my classes! Even ECE and Cell Bio. Most gratifying.

I had a truly disgusting salad sandwich for dinner. It involved mixed greens, viniagrette dressing, gouda cheese, turkey bacon, and sliced carrots — all delicious individual ingredients, which combined become unhappily revolting.

4 thoughts on “We Have this Treasure

  1. Congrats! Only one term to go… you are now officially a short-timer.
    Your sandwich story reminds me of the egg, ham, and gouda scramble that sounded so delicious but was also unhappily revolting. The pattern I perceive encourages me to mix gouda with crackers… and that’s it.

  2. i got an a, a b, an nr, and a still processing. apparently i cant hack it. oh well. back to slacking.

  3. Nora, your classes were 10x harder than mine and you were doing your IQP. Let?s be honest, who really had the harder term here?

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