Day’s Verse:
He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty,
And he who rules his spirit, than he who captures a city.

Proverbs 16:32

Green Prius frontThere is a ridiculously sexy green Prius in our parking spot. It unlocks and starts without a key. It has an audio jack for mp3 players. It has side curtain airbags. It has a back-up camera. It came with a $300 first aid kit that velcros to the inside of the car. It emits that wonderful toxic new car smell. It belongs to us, not our parents. We feel like real adults now, as Ian said, because now we have car insurance payments. Oh boy!

Oh, and today I had a surveying lab that could not have gone worse. Our readings are off by like 4 ft (they should be less than 0.02 ft) and it started snowing before we even finished. Spring? Hello?

Now watch the video in yesterday’s post while I write up my technical writing document.

3 thoughts on “Real Adults Now

  1. the car is beautiful,park carefully,not to close to others,and don’t strss over the first ding. Ian is right about car insurance and it will get worse from here,welcome to the world. Love you both. Felt so bad about you eye,hope it is much better now. GMIL

  2. Gmil,

    1. The eye is much better, but I’m getting tired of putting drops into it every two hours.

    2. DING? DING? In our car?! Gasp! Never will we allow such a thing!

  3. Know what? Having a photo in each entry rules. I’m thinking about adopting that. Hmm….think think think think *taps head*…time to do my stoutness exercises.

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