Day’s Verse:
In much wisdom there is much grief, and increasing knowledge results in increasing pain.
Ecclesiastes 1:18

ImprintedToday Ian and I left the apartment fairly early with a carful of dirty laundry, boxes of books, and miscellaneous belongings. We piled them in the apartment, used our washer and dryer for the first time (nice, but the dryer is quite slow), and speculated about where to put furniture.

At 2:00 we left, driving through increasingly heavy rain to Wellesley, where we heard Vangie sing her senior recital. My gosh, she was amazing — her voice was strong, beautiful, and absolutely soared in the auditorium. She sang for almost an hour, standing there looking lovely in her red strapless dress, and it felt like moments. For the last song she finally loosened up and looked happy. We talked to her for a few minutes afterwards, but we felt odd among the hip, beautiful, artistic Wellesley girls (all of whom know Vangie much better than I do). So we dashed back through the rain and drove to Marlborough again to retrieve more laundry. That extended into more speculation about furniture placement, paint colors, and other details that will bore you.

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