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Fight the good fight, keeping the faith and a good conscience…
1 Timothy 1:19

This morning woke me up as a conundrum. You may have noticed I face many conundrii in my daily life; I think this must result from my excessive thinking about everything. The conundrum of the morning arose when I opened my ears to hear rain not pattering but pouring down along the rooftops and into gutters. As you know, pouring rain and bicycling a commute do not mesh very well, and so I had to decide whether I would ride or not. The other consideration that leapt to mind was that I had not showered after my ride home last night, assuming that I would just shower at work after my morning ride. I could not fit a shower in before we had to leave, even if we drove (it only takes me 10 minutes longer to ride than for us to drive), but I could hardly justify showering at work without riding there.

Here is an excerpt from an email I wrote Ian about my decision:

So you know the term “drowned rat”? I think it should actually be “drowned Katie,” because I got so outrageously, impossibly wet on my bike ride. My shorts literally dripped down my legs for the whole time I was waiting and the whole time I rode the train (I stood; sitting was too wet) and I eventually wrung those and my socks out in the sink when I got here. Plus my shoes became two drippy puddles and I actually felt water sloshing around in them. I’m not sure if they’re going to be dry by the time I leave today. If not, I’ll have to ride wearing flipflops. Even my helmet (which I didn’t initally notice as being wet, although my hair got soaked) when I put it on after taking it off for a bit, was wet–all the little inner pads had gotten waterlogged, of course. My gore-tex jacket sleeves totally soaked through, or water somehow got in them or something, but my torso actually stayed pretty dry. It was my legs, butt, arms, and head that got the roadwater rinse. Actually I think 50% of the water came from the sky and the other 50% (sometimes more, as the rain did actually turn into a mist at times) came from cars and my own tires.

I rode the train cold and dripping, but by wrapping my backpack in a garbage bag kept its contents nice and dry. I even managed to house my bike dryly on the loading dock courtesy of a crusty-but-nice old fellow who manages Shipping & Receiving. I only hope the seat has dried out by the time I have to ride home; I also hope that my shoes will have dried enough to wear, so I don’t have to ride with flipflops or wet feet. Right now I have gone for the classy socks-in-flipflops look to accomodate my freezing feet without getting them soaked. My shoes, I think, will need a couple days or a half-hour in a dryer to actually lose all the water that was sloshing around in them.

Then when I got to work I realized that in the morning haste I had forgotten my yogurt, and so had to eat my Grape Nuts completely dry. Cleans the plaque off my teeth and keeps ’em shiny white.

6 thoughts on “Rainy Day, Washing My Tears Away

  1. I rode myself into work this morning and was similarly drenched through and through. The buttock portion of my jeans refuses to evaporate itself to dry freedom.

    And what’s the deal with grape nuts? You open the box, no grapes, no nuts! What’s the deal?!

  2. I guess I was a little smarter than you — I wore different clothes riding than biking, so at least I had clean dry pants to change in to. But it’s cool you’re riding too…How far do you have to go? Will you still do it in the winter? Everybody keeps telling me I’d be insane to bike in the winter, so we’ll see how sane I really am come February.

    Maybe Grape Nuts are actually grapes’ nuts, all dried out? Like raisins, but nuttier? And why the heck does Grape Nuts have to be like little edible pebbles? Which also brings up the question: Why was I eating them? (The answer is: I like the flavor, but not when they’re dry. I’ve been drinking shots of water from the cooler all day to make up for it.)

  3. Oh man, dry grapenuts…I wouldn’t be surprised if more than 1 person has broken a tooth on that. Those things are hard, even in milk!

    Sounds like you had quite a soggy experience, but I’m glad you’re (hopefully) dry now.

  4. Well I just paid first and last month’s rent on a new apartment that will be a 5 minute bike ride to my new job. So in the winter, I’ll be able to just walk the 15 minutes, or if I do want to ride it’d only 5 minutes down a well kept road. My commute will be absurdly sweet.

    Riding yourself is less a physical impossibility than it is a frame of mind.

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