Day’s Verse:
What God has cleansed, no longer consider unholy.
Acts 10:15

WPI FountainToday has many things to celebrate.

1. Three years blogging!

That’s right, mateys (I missed it officially, sorry), I have posted on this blog, in some form or another, since September 19, 2003. I like to think the writing content and style, and blog design have all improved since then.

2. Last day of work for a week!

Tomorrow morning Ian and I leave at 3:00 am to fly home to celebrate Caitlyn’s wedding.

3. Last bike ride for at least 24 hours!

I love riding, but my trip home will be 36 miles in the last three days, and my legs could use a rest. I have ridden 370.1 miles back-and-forth, excluding a few weeks of riding while measuring kilometers. I think I passed 100 km, maybe 150, before switching to miles.

4. Cake day!

As the 3rd Wednesday of the month, Charles River has provided cake to all employees. I have made inroads through half my enormous piece so far, to the exclusion of an overripe banana (which has seen better days; I carried it in my backpack to work, and along the way the top handle part actually just plain fell off. Extremely ripe, indeed).

*As in Enter.

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