Day’s Verse:
I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint
Jeremiah 31:25

My first thought this morning: So this is what it feels like to be hit by a truck. I cannot confirm the accuracy of this thought, never having actually had a truck flatten me, but I definitely think this feeling would give that experience a run for its money — barring the broken bones, of course.

This thought stems from a day of endless travel following a very late-feeling night, which was precluded by several other late-feeling nights in succession (a cookie to anybody who figured out what I was saying there). I greatly enjoyed my time at home, which proved deliciously relaxing despite the jaggedness of our sleeping schedule. Most of the weekend I spent with my parents, going for walks to the Yakima Fruit Stand, taking pictures, and playing with seven-month-old Kallie Alford.

But on Sunday, all that changed, because that evening Caitlyn got married. Suffice it to say that even as I dozed off in church, I knew that I would find no opportunity to exercise or rest — the two things I craved most — for quite some time. The whole day involved participating in one activity after another all focused on the wedding, and when 7:30 finally rolled around I felt like I could fall asleep on the spot. But instead I watched as Caitlyn became Mrs. Aaron Impson and afterwards socialized with the guests I knew while enjoying a truly fascinating array of foods provided by a caterer. It was a lovely wedding, set in the Clise Mansion in Marymoor Park, and I loved all the creative decorations. But Ian and I did not get home until after 9:30 (we left early!), and bed finally rolled around at 10:00 — what felt like 1 am for us.

The next morning we dragged ourselves out at 4:45 am, leaving the house at 5:00 for our 7:00 am flight to Cinncinati (I think it was Chinncinati). That flight took about four hours and I felt queasy most of it; the next flight to Providence from there only took an hour and a half or maybe two hours, but ye gods! it was in a turboprop plane with two seats on one side and one seat on the other. We boarded from the tarmac and I spent the whole time telling the contents of my stomach (at that point two bowls of cereal since 5 am, later supplemented by two bags of peanuts) to stay put. I slept on the two-hour drive back from Providence and fell in to bed at 9:00. Of course sleep eluded me for quite some time, as my body perversely thought it was 6:00 pm and who goes to bed then? By george, you ornery body, I do!

4 thoughts on “Sock Drawer + Sleep For Days

  1. I’m glad you made it back safely, even if very tired. Those tiny prop planes are interesting, huh? Feels like a time warp back to the 50’s or something.

  2. Offtopic, but, I’m assembling my Google Homepage (they just added a huge new ‘tabs’ feature, it’ll change your life), and man it kills me that this site doesn’t have an RSS feed. Is there one I’m not seeing? Any plans?

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