Day’s Verse:
Therefore, I declare to you today that I am innocent of the blood of all men. For I have not hesitated to proclaim to you the whole will of God.
Acts 20:26

Me to Ian:

I spurn your gasoline-powered engines! I use ATP-power!

If you get that, you must be at least as bio-nerdy as I am.

I apprehensively anticipate riding in my first 32° weather tomorrow. Many layers await.

[10/16/06] Update: I didn’t freeze, thanks to the following layers:

Two pairs of gloves
Two pairs of socks
Long spandex beneath Gore-Tex snow pants
Long-sleeved breathable shirt beneath T-shirt
My usual windbreaker

In fact, I felt quite comfortable body-temperature-wise; and if I rode significantly more slowly than I did in August, I attribute it to the cold weather slowing my muscles down, my slightly-flat tires, and most of all to the redistribution of weight that a rack on the back of my bike has caused. This rack (which involves a story in itself) allows me to ride with my backpack bungee-corded behind me rather than clinging heavily to my back. As it turns out, centering the weight of my full backpack directly over the rear tire produces a riding experience akin to towing a semi-truck behind me. I will stick with it, though, because I liked riding without the backpack on my back…and because I have a stubborn streak that refuses to give up even if it feels like my rear tire has been trapped in the La Brea Tar Pit.

Incidentally, if one of you physics nerds wants to explain why taking my backpack and putting it behind me, with the weight pretty much all on the rear tire, feels so extraordinarily heavy compared to wearing it on my back, I would be interested to hear what you say. It seems unaccountably more difficult, if you ask me.

2 thoughts on “Mitochondria Power

  1. Re the back tire. Probably just because the extra weight flattens the tire causing more rolling friction. Try pumping the tire up slightly more than you’re comfortable with and see if it doesn’t roll better.

    Possibly also just because the weight re-distribution makes your ride FEEL different.

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