Romance Novel: Day 19

Day’s Verse:
Take me away with you! Let’s run off together!
An elopement with my King-Lover! We’ll celebrate, we’ll sing, we’ll make great music.
Yes! For your love is better than vintage wine. Everyone loves you—of course! And why not?

Song of Solomon 1:4 (context)

Summer called her lawyer the next day. Shifting uncomfortably in her seat, trying to find a position that didn’t aggravate the aching muscles she didn’t know she had, she wondered whether anybody would answer. Her clock said 10:06, and she’d already worked diligent three hours. Regardless of the phone call’s outcome, she had already decided to go visit his office again. She hadn’t heard anything for quite a while, and she worried about the date. It hadn’t seemed that tricky when they filed the paperwork to un-become man and wife, but then Lance had hardly told her that he would give her nothing whatsoever, either. She had blithely tried to live in that huge house until mortgage payments she couldn’t make crashed down and she had to gather up some small remnant of her belongings to squeeze into this microscopic feeling apartment. Then came finding this very cheap divorce attorney and Summer’s seemingly endless quest to squeeze some kind of results from the man. Continue Reading >>