Romance Novel: Day 20

Day’s Verse:
And you, my dear lover—you’re so handsome!
And the bed we share is like a forest glen.
We enjoy a canopy of cedars enclosed by cypresses, fragrant and green.

Song of Solomon 1:16-17 (context)

Note: Updated scene between Hunter and student. The update will pertain to a near-future post.

Standing in from of the classroom, Hunter looked perfect. Chastity leaned back in her chair, enjoying the view as he moved gracefully—more gracefully than most women, really—around the room. His every step, every motion suggested athleticism and controlled power. Chastity had experienced firsthand the depth of that power, the driving passion that burned within Hunter that he kept firmly leashed most of the time. He wasn’t just perfectly suited to the professorial position, although in Chastity’s mind he epitomized the way all professors as a breed ought to look. No; Chastity looked at him and saw the perfect lover, the perfect body, the perfect witty mind, the perfect balance of aggression and meekness. He had called her last night, nearly panting with expectation already. Continue Reading >>