Romance Novel: Day 21

Day’s Verse:
Tell me where you’re working
—I love you so much—
Tell me where you’re tending your flocks, where you let them rest at noontime.
Why should I be the one left out, outside the orbit of your tender care?

Song of Solomon 1:7 (context)

When she got to work on Thursday, Summer found a meeting invitation waiting for her: 10:30 to 11:00 in Doug’s office. That gave her a couple hours, so she accepted, her heart fluttering. Was he going to offer her the job? Or, even more heart-pounding, was he going to ask her out? They’d gone jogging every night, showing one another their favorite routes; the hours together had shown Summer a deeper side to Doug than she would have guessed. Doug usually did most of the talking on their excursions, giving Summer a chance to breathe and providing much-appreciated distraction from her burning legs. And Summer sure had learned a lot by simply listening. Just last night, he had told her about Joanna. Continue Reading >>