Day’?s Verse:
‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty.
Zechariah 4:6

This is me ready to ride to work, only I also wear a helmet. A very snazzy helmet.
Me and Bike

You, too, could look this cheerful and ready for your day — if you BIKE TO WORK May 18, 2007!

Bike commuting is rewarding in many ways. Just this morning I had the surprising pleasure of — gasp! — passing other bicyclists on my commute. I spotted them as I turned onto Farm Rd. and followed them, slowly narrowing the gap, for 3/4 of a mile. Finally, as we turned a corner onto Long Acre Drive, I made my move (not neglecting to sing out a cheery “good morning!”). They looked all decked out and expert, so passing those two guys left me with this giddy feeling of accomplishment.

UPDATE 7:05 PM: In the interest of full disclosure, I share the following picture with you.
Real Bicycling
You might notice that although I just rode home through a thunderstorm with driving rain, lightning, and thunder, I still look happy. That is because bike commuting is that cool. Seriously. I am just as happy in the wet picture as the dry one, especially since the new waterproof red jacket performed as advertised and kept me delightfully dry. It even has a butt-flap that I can have cover my posterior to keep that end dry, at least somewhat. The flap has a little reflective logo that only shows when the flap is down; it says Never a bad time to ride, presumably because you only need that reminder when you need to cover your butt to keep it from getting soaked.

The moral of the story is: BIKE TO WORK, because even rain can’t dampen positive spirits.

7 thoughts on “More Bike to Work Propaganda

  1. This is a Novara jacket, and you can get it at REI. However, I wouldn’t actually recommend it — it doesn’t breathe very well. It is pretty waterproof, and has a good rear pocket and butt-covering flap. The other thing is it doesn’t have much in the way of reflective markings on it, which I suggest you look for if you’re thinking of riding in dark and/or rainy weather. I recommend checking out Cannondale and Pearl Izumi jackets; they’ll set you back about $150 to $200, but a good waterproof jacket with lots of reflective stuff on it is well worth it.

  2. “bikini” and “biking” are almost the same word, after all.

    If only I had a bike…
    or a job…

    Maybe I can talk friends into it, and bike to work vicariously.

  3. Hi! I love this jacket! With the rainy season coming, I want to get a jacket to prepare for riding in cold and wet conditions. Where did you get your jacket/who is it made by?


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