Day’?s Verse:
Hatred stirs up dissention,
but love covers all wrongs.

Proverbs 10:12

For ice cream day today, I tried this.

At zero fat and 90 calories, everybody at work who wants ice cream but feels guilty chooses this bar. After hearing a half-dozen people sing its praises, I felt I had to at least get it once to know what I was missing. Turns out I was missing a raspberry popsicle with a delicious, creamy filling. For what it is — a faux ice cream bar — it worked well. The outer part was sweet and reminiscent of raspberries and sugary juice; the inner part achieved a fantastic level of smooth, almost-ice cream quality flavor for frozen yogurt. For me, though, it proved disappointing. Where’?s the creamy chocolate? Where’?s the rich, smooth ice cream? Where are the crunchy nuts, the gooey carmel, the cookie dough bits? In short, where’?s my ice cream bar?

KF quality

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