Day’?s Verse:
Do not go out hastily to argue your case;
Otherwise, what will you do in the end,
When your neighbor humiliates you?

Proverbs 25:8

Iraq and Afghanistan CasualtiesI still read The Seattle Times online. It keeps me up-to-date on local interests and events, and it reminds me every day that I’?m coming back to Seattle soon. Anyway, a few days ago I read this article about schools trying to control students’? cell phone usage during class. The whole article irritated me, honestly, because it seemed that an obvious answer lurked just outside of the article’?s discussion. So, following in the noble tradition set by my dad (who’?s had more letters published in the Opinion pages than I can remember) and my sister, I wrote a short and moderately scathing letter to the editor about it. I heard nothing back for a few days, and figured my letter had gone the way of the dodo.

Then today I got this brief email:

Thanks, Ms. Ferguson, your letter will be used in Monday’s Seattle Times.

Diane Albert
Letters Editor

Reading it over Ian’s shoulder, I shrieked piercingly right in his ear out of complete excitement. Then I jumped up and down a little bit, yelling excitedly, and eventually Ian sent me upstairs to cool my jets. But I am quite enthusiastic. So keep your eye out on Monday; if you don’t get the paper, you can always check this page.

Update: By some strange coincidence, Mom wrote a letter to the editor on the same topic I did, and she, too, will be in Monday’s paper! I keep trying to write something to express my amusement at this coincidence, but I’m speechless. Now you really have to check out Monday’s Seattle Times.

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One thought on “Joining a Family Tradition

  1. Thank you for joining the family tradition! Together, I believe the four of us have the power to completely dominate the Times opinion page!

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