Day’?s Verse:
Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong
1 Cor 16:13

…but I still use it in cookies and brownies.

Speaking of baking, what genre of novel should I write for my NaNoWriMo novel this year? I loved the romance novel, and it practically wrote itself every night, but how could I follow last year’s performance? I have considered a Clive Cussler spoof, but how can you spoof something so poorly done to start with? Plus, all adventure/action novels of the James Bond-genre seem to describe all machinery (especially guns, cars, and aircraft) with detail that would stagger the machine’s design engineer. That alone daunts me, but I think I could come up with an outlandish enough story line to fit the action genre. So please, help me out:

Would you rather read another romance novel, or an action-novel spoof?

KF quality

3 thoughts on “Our Baking Powder Expired in 2004

  1. no joke, this afternoon i was totally thinking about what genre you should write. i decided on choose your own adventure. sure it would be a logistical nightmare. but i still think it sounds like fun.

  2. I’d prefer an action novel. Dad and I brainstormed a plot for one once; it involved the Mongols hijacking a space shuttle to crash it into the moon.

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