Day’?s Verse:
Although He was a Son, He learned obedience from the things which He suffered.
Hebrews 5:8

As I lay in bed trying (in vain) to sleep last night, I thought about what I would blog today. Our Seattle sojourn ended yesterday with a remarkably short plane flight back to Boston, which left me feeling spun-around and confused. I feel reasonably confident that none of the six people who read this blog will want a blow-by-blow description of what Ian and I did for two weeks, so I will sum up with a quick list and call it even:

  • Read. I personally finished at least six or seven books, ranging from The Falls, by Joyce Caroll Oates, to Killer Pancakes, by Diane Mott Davidson. During the normal day, I probably spent at least four hours reading.
  • Enjoy the new fireplace (see also: Sleep). After I woke up in the morning, I usually almost immediately migrated to sit in a big blue beanbag chair located directly in front of my parents’? newly-installed fireplace. Often I indulged in a nap curled up in the beanbag chair before the blazing flames. This fireplace enjoyment was often accompanied by reading or dozing off. I wish we had a radiant heat source like that back here in Massachusetts.
  • Visit friends and family. Of course we spent time with my parents and sister, Ian’s parents, sister, and brother-in law, Ian’s grandparents, and some of Ian’s aunts and uncles. We also attended or hosted several games-night parties, which let us see friends of Ian’s and mine as well. In particular we spent an enjoyable evening with Dan and Jane and Ben and Lisa getting reacquainted and playing various games. I also got to see my friend Karissa a couple times, which was nice.
  • Bicycle. I shipped Davey, my road bike, home so I could stay in the saddle and not suffer too much when I get back to commuting to work. Riding around home proved a highlight of my trip: I knew the roads well, I had no ice to worry about, and I got to pit myself against real hills. My rides varied from 13 miles to 50 miles, and sometimes Mom, Dad, or total strangers accompanied me (three times I ended up riding with friendly strangers, a novel and enjoyable experience).
  • Play games. We played Scrabble, Apples to Apples, Wise & Otherwise (my personal favorite), Pit, Rummy Royal, and that drawing telephone game, to name a few off the top of my head. In Massachusetts, I miss playing games.
  • Read the paper. I enjoy reading The Seattle Times, but Ian and I don’?t get a newspaper here. I suppose when we get back to Washington we’?ll subscribe so I can get my newspaper fix.
  • Play with Carmel. I always try to overdose on spending time with the dog, since I only see her once a year. Yes, I miss my family too, but you can’?t get the benefit of time with a dog over the phone. Carmel is looking very white around the muzzle, and the fur on her back has started turning white, too. Fortunately she doesn’?t know that, so she still acts like a puppy. We play tug-of-war with a battered rope, go for walks, play fetch with various items, or just sit together while I read. She’?s a good dog.
  • Take baths. My parents have a wonderful tub that you can lay back in and fill all the way up to your neck. My tub, on the other hand, fills up to just above my hips and can squeeze my torso or my legs in, always leaving something out of the water. I always try to take a few baths while at home.

I think that about covers my main activities at home. Another highlight that doesn’?t exactly qualify as an activity was our neighbor’?s light display. This neighbor, who has a PhD in opera and now sells high-end audio equipment, has each year put up an increasingly dazzling light display. This year he played Christmas music over the radio (107.3 FM!) and programmed his lights to flash with the music. We showed all our friends who visited, and they were duly impressed.

Our time in Seattle (I can hardly call it “home;” it was, and it will be, but right now our home is in Marlborough) was restful and rejuvenating. It also helped solidify our plans to come back and establish ourselves permanently in the Seattle area. The nice people, the benign weather, the polite drivers, the bike lanes, the Sammamish & Burke Gilman Trails, the bookstores and nice downtowns, the mountains and oceans all call me back. I have come to like Massachusetts, but Seattle will always have my heart.

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  1. I just have to say how much I adore this picture of Carmel. I know it’s not a brandy new one, but I just love it.

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