Day’?s Verse:
Whoever trusts in his riches will fall, but the righteous will thrive like a green leaf.
Proverbs 11:28

Ian hates it when I pick up junk off the road. He thinks it’?s gross, even though he has benefited from it — I found what has become his favorite scarf abandoned in a parking lot. I admit that sometimes picking up old car hubcaps and shiny things from the ground may not provide me with many keeper items.

However, in the last five days, I’ve found all sorts of interesting, useful things on the side of the road:

  • Empty, clean glass Coke bottle. Classic.
  • Empty, amazingly clean biking water-bottle that says ARMY on it and has a picture of a knight riding a bike. Added it to my water-bottle collection.
  • Four tennis balls (three within 12 miles of each other on Saturday). Those will eventually wing their way to Carmel.
  • A neon-orange rope/ribbon/thing, about five feet long. This is the coolest, since I’ll use it to make myself extra-visible.

I’ve also found lots of things I didn’t want to pick up:

  • Two dead beavers 🙁
  • Four dead birds
  • Innumerable unidentifiable roadkill creatures
  • Bits of plastic from car bumpers, lights, etc.
  • Trash

I continue to hope that some day I will find something really fantastic, like lots of cash (not in a wallet; then I would be compelled to return it) just lying on the road. It can’?t hurt to keep a sharp eye out!

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3 thoughts on “Road Treasures

  1. Gary manages to spot “cool stuff” whizzing by in a car that he’d love to pick up. If he was on a bike he would for sure.

  2. Yesterday’s count from Bellevue-Kirkland-Kenmore: 1 starling, 1 ‘possum, 1 squirrel, 7 screws or bolts, 2 nails, 3 rude drivers cutting corners waaaay too close on the nearly interminable S to N two mile uphill stretch of Juanita Drive. “Juanita welcomes you” – my foot!

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