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There is far more at stake here than religion. If you had any idea what this Scripture meant—’I prefer a flexible heart to an inflexible ritual’—you wouldn’t be nitpicking like this.
Matthew 12:6-7

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Only one interesting thing to report on the ride from Sunday. Entering Ashby, MA, I encountered a large, handmade sign (very neatly done) that said:


I spent the next several miles trying unsuccessfully to imagine what an event called poopapalooza might entail. Well, I actually imagined plenty of strange, often unappealing possibilities, but nothing likely.

Thankfully we have the Internet to solve these mysteries. A simple Google search turned up the real explanation, which turned out blessedly innocuous.

I also found out today that the little NO POOPING dog I saw on Saturday is commercially available, at least according to one of my coworkers. Just what every good lawn needs, along with this fine item. (Note on that site the correct and rather amusing use of scare quotes.)

Edit: Incidentally, here is the Sunday route and here is the Saturday route (I stopped mapping 10 miles from home on the way back, since I took the same way back from there). Oh, amusing tidbit: I put a compass on my bike. But something must be magnetic nearby (the steel frame? the huge battery in my headlight?) because the compass told me on Sunday I was heading north/northeast the whole time. Amazing that I made it home at all, going north the whole time!

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2 thoughts on “WHAT-A-Palooza?!

  1. I have an interesting thing to report about your Sunday Bike ride. I’m driving with my wife and her sister to their grandmother’s house for Mother’s Day, when I saw this biker, who looked oddly familiar, on what I think was route 31 in Fitchburg. I opened up my sun roof and yelled, “Hello K” (a nickname I chose for just that moment) because I was at a stop sign and pulled up about 10 feet in front of her. To which she stopped and I think stared at why some guy was waving his hand at her from his sun roof. Do you know any bikers who were up in that area on Sunday?

  2. That could certainly have been me; I rode up Route 31 to Fitchburg on Sunday afternoon. I don’t remember that, though. If I did look at you, it probably was just to see if you were going to do anything unexpected, not because I heard you say something to me.

    I ignore all comments shouted at me on the road (if I even hear them), since almost all of them are along the lines of “Get off the road, [insulting name]!”

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