Day’?s Verse:
As water reflects a face, so a man’s heart reflects the man.
Proverbs 27:19


Please help me raise money for the MS Bike Tour Cape Cod Getaway. Donate today on my MS Participant page.

KF quality

4 thoughts on “Arm Warmer

  1. That is interesting because I almost sent you an email yesterday asking if you wanted an extra pair of armwarmers that I had ordered. I started to write an email message, then I decided that I would just return the extra pair. What a coincidence.

    Maybe I could sense the positive karma coming from your newly-warm arms. They were sending me extra-sensory messages indicating good vibrations of nice warmth.

    In any case, REI only had black one, whereas I see that you got light blue. Very stylish, and probably cooler on a warm day.

  2. Mine were 50% off on Team Estrogen, and the only color left was light blue or orange in XS or XL — which works for me. I guess orange would have been more noticeable…

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