Day’s Verse:
[A good wife] is like the merchant ships, bringing her food from afar.
Proverbs 31:14 (context)

Waiting at Sunset

The funny thing about Ashland State Park (above) is that it’s almost exactly the same as Hopkinton State Park, right down to the same style of dam, spillway, and bridge, only the spillways are a mirror image of each other. It felt a little surreal that way, emerging from the woods and seeing almost the same view as at Hopkinton (below):

Reservoirtop Path

We walked around the perimeter of the Ashland Reservoir, which turned out to be just about 4.5 miles:

It took two-ish hours. We saw lots of people with dogs. We finished just as the sun set, which made for nice pictures and some small amount of relief when we reached the car before dark. It was a nice park, but I think since this is essentially the same park as Hopkinton, only a little farther east, we will probably just go to Hopkinton in the future.

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