Day’s Verse:
Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge,
but he who hates correction is stupid.

Proverbs 12:1

Back in May I ordered some zipper pulls from Wm Spear Design. I think they make some of the most unique, amazing pins and pulls I’ve ever seen. Anyway, when I placed my order, I received the following email:

Hello Kathleen,

Thanks for the order. It is on the way via US Postal Service – delivery varies 4 to 9 days.

Just curious, how did you find our page?


Wm Spear Design

Because I’ve had some training in visual design and think about things like web site usability and organization, I actually gave it some thought and then replied:


Thank you for the update! I liked your page. My only complaint would be that there’s no easy way to see ALL of the pins/zipper pulls at once. You have to either search or go through several layers of categories before actually seeing the designs*. I’d like to browse everything, or have only very broad categories, if I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for. I think people prefer to look at images rather than words. Also, if I was just browsing, I’d probably be more drawn in by seeing lots of pictures of your cool pins and pulls, rather than just seeing a long list.

Sorry that got long — hope it’s helpful! 🙂

Katie Ferguson

*Note: You can see what I mean if you go here. They had everything subdivided into fairly narrow, specific categories, which is nice… Except that unless I have a specific item in mind, I probably will find browsing their inventory rather irritating. Even if I do want to find a specific item, I might have to look through several categories, since my idea and their idea of how to categorize items (ex: a mushroom. They have it under, I kid you not, Kitchen & Garden > Stimulants. I would probably look under Kitchen > Botanicals or not even imagine they have a mushroom).

After sending that off, I forgot all about it. But this morning I received a surprising email, with the subject line “your wish is answered.” That sounded like spam, but I read it anyway. Good thing, since it was a legitimate email from somebody at Wm Spear Design, saying:

We took your suggestions to heart and now show the entire line of our pins/pulls on one page. It is amazing to see it all in one place. You can view it this way under the “catalog” title on our site. Thanks for helping us make our site even better

Sure enough, now there is an option to View Entire List. This is, to me, pretty darn cool. How often do people listen to your suggestions and actually implement them? Especially total strangers?

*Happy glow*

Also I have that happy glow because I successfully obtained an apple and an orange — $1.20 at Roche Brothers — this morning on my way to work. Took a total of 5 minutes, and now I have fruit to eat today. Yay!

KF quality

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