Day’s Verse:
For so the Lord has commanded us, “I have placed You as a light for the Gentiles, that You may bring salvation to the end of the earth.”
Acts 13:47

All the advice I have gotten about having the true flu says that pushing yourself too hard just makes things worse (like pneumonia-type worse) in the long run. In keeping with that advice, I called my boss and told her I would return to work next Monday. Ian and I counted up my carefully-hoarded vacation and sick time, and have determined that three days unexpected days off won’t break the bank. Good thing the year’s almost over, though; I won’t be able to take any more sick time until January after this. I sincerely hope I won’t have cause to.

Now a request for more advice: I have stopped taking the Tylenol, which I used to break the fever, and the good news is that my fever has not returned. However, I have a nasty sore throat (in addition to all the other delightful flu symptoms, of course) that makes eating, talking, and swallowing most unpleasant. Any suggestions for good throat-soothing remedies? So far only sorbet helps, and that not for long, but I don’t really want to subsist on sorbet for the duration, however tasty that sounds. I would like something non-pharmaceutical (all that Tylenol made me anxious about my liver, for all we carefully adhered to the mandated 4-hour dosing regimen), preferably easy to prepare so Ian can do it.

Now a couple of non-sick related things:

An online photography journal thing used one of my Flickr pictures in their recent newsletter. You can find the newsletter here; my photo is the one under the heading “Kid, Meet Camera. Camera, Meet Kid.” Pretty neat.

Here is a cool way to donate money to a good cause: +3 Network. You log your miles of activities, and in return, a company like Trek donates money to a specific cause. Granted, each mile logged only results in a tiny donation — on the order of $0.02 or so; the exact amount depends on if you upload it from a GPS and what kind of activity it is — but so far I have logged 12,509 miles (all my miles of riding since I started in 2006, plus or minus about 300) and raised $118 for the Environmental Defense Fund. I see this as a great way to make an activity I would do anyway count a little more. If you routinely exercise, I suggest you consider joining. Every little bit helps!

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6 thoughts on “Home Again… and Again, and Again

  1. as a chemical laden over the counter junkie, i recommend cloraceptic lozenges. they are like grape flavored novacaine. they also have a spray.

    you can also try gargling (but not swallowing) salt water.

  2. Jane & Deborah (and Mom who called me with the same suggestion) – thank you for the suggestion! I’ve been imbibing what feels like gallons of honey-and-lemon water, and my throat really does feel better. And boy am I staying well hydrated!

    Nora – I’ve been intending to try gargling salt water. I hear that works cause it kills the bacteria there. Do you think gargling mouth wash would do the same thing? (I actually tried this but the mouth wash we have forms these amazing foamy bubbles when you gargle it, and they almost immediately fill up your mouth and overflow all over you. Since our stuff is red it looks like blood everywhere. Nice, huh?)

  3. Not to ever laugh at your misery, Katie, but when you wrote about the mouthwash I almost cracked up picturing you foaming at the mouth. That would be a horrible sensation!

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