The Dreary Feel of Real Life

Day’s Verse:
But as for me, I would seek God,
And I would place my cause before God;
Who does great and unsearchable things,
Wonders without number.
He gives rain on the earth
And sends water to the fields,
So that He sets on high those who are lowly,
And those who mourn are lifted to safety.

Job 5:8-11

Balsa Wood Airplane PilotDon’t get me wrong: I feel content with my life, and if I’d like some aspects to change, well, perhaps this year will see those changes occur. But coming back to our apartment, to doing our own grocery shopping, dishes-washing, dinner-planning, chore-doing, and general life maintenance always feels jarring to me after a sojourn away. I also feel lonely, because I have done a terrible job making friends, so life in Massachusetts is life pretty much alone with Ian. It feels especially dreary to come back and read the forecast for tomorrow: Continue Reading >>