Day’s Verse:
But as for me, I would seek God,
And I would place my cause before God;
Who does great and unsearchable things,
Wonders without number.
He gives rain on the earth
And sends water to the fields,
So that He sets on high those who are lowly,
And those who mourn are lifted to safety.

Job 5:8-11

Balsa Wood Airplane PilotDon’t get me wrong: I feel content with my life, and if I’d like some aspects to change, well, perhaps this year will see those changes occur. But coming back to our apartment, to doing our own grocery shopping, dishes-washing, dinner-planning, chore-doing, and general life maintenance always feels jarring to me after a sojourn away. I also feel lonely, because I have done a terrible job making friends, so life in Massachusetts is life pretty much alone with Ian. It feels especially dreary to come back and read the forecast for tomorrow:

Wednesday: Snow, mainly between 8am and 3pm. The snow could be heavy at times. High near 25. North wind 6 to 9 mph increasing to between 14 and 17 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow accumulation of 3 to 5 inches possible.

Welcome back to New England! I guess I may have no choice but to practice my snow cycling a little sooner than I might have liked. Then again, I admit I felt quite shocked when we arrived in Providence and saw totally bare, snowless ground. Apparently a couple days of warmer weather melted most of it away. Now we get to buckle down and really get socked with winter.

Fortunately, good things still happen even in the midst of adjusting back to real life. For example, here are some announcements we heard during our travels that I found amusing:

Left at the Providence Airport Security Checkpoint (all announced within a few minutes of each other):

  • Pink scarf
  • Purple hat and scarf
  • Digital camera
  • Acer laptop belonging to Alyssa (“Could Alyssa please return to the Security Checkpoint to retrieve your computer. You have taken the wrong one.”)

Announcement at the Charlotte Airport: “Could Michael Timothy Gustin please return to Simply Books in Concourse B to retrieve his license.”

I feel sorry for Michael Timothy Gustin. Hopefully he did get his driver’s license back. And hopefully Alyssa returned the wrong computer she grabbed and got hers back, too.

Now to grocery shopping so we can have something for breakfast… And, perhaps more pressingly, discarding the old yogurt, milk, pasta sauce, and spinach that we left to fester in our fridge while we were gone. Mmmmm.

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