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We pray this so that the name of our Lord Jesus may be glorified in you, and you in him, according to the grace of our God and the Lord Jesus Christ.
2 Thess. 1:12
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I continue to swoon over my new camera. Five years using an SLR-like camera gave me enough experience to have an idea what f-stops, ISO, and shutter speed will do for me. That helps, but this camera has so many other options — often just a button-press away — that I know I have barely started to scratch the surface of the kinds of pictures I can take. I like how this one turned out, as I experimented with the manual focus and aperture settings.


On a totally unrelated note, my work has switched from Belmont Springs water cooler water to a Purlogix water filtration system. This will save them something like $12,000 over the course of the year by not having to continually buy more bottle water. I can appreciate that kind of savings. I don’t appreciate a twofold aspect of the situation:

  1. They ran a taste-test in the cafeteria a few months ago. After a while, they sent out an email announcing that the taste test had been a fabulous success and that they would be implementing the new system on the basis of those results. The thing is, at the time I wondered if they would have said that no matter what. Now I actually have my first bottle of the water, and sure enough, it tastes like Worcester water, just cold. This is fine, and I know I will adjust, but saying that it tastes as good as the bottled water simply not true. I will cheerfully drink the less-delicious water and appreciate that they provide cold water at all, but I will not cheerfully agree that it tastes as good as bottled water.
  2. Introducing the new filtration system, they sent out emails announcing how green and eco-friendly they were being by implementing this system. They said No more throwing away all those used plastic bottles! The thing is, the water cooler company reuses those cooler bottles practically to death, so from that perspective it’s not drastically more “green” to filter tap water than to reuse the bottled water. (I do admit that they have now cut out all the driving associated with the bottled water — getting water from the source, driving it to warehouses, transporting it from there to us, returning the bottles, etc. — which will reduce the amount of CO2 emitted in the course of providing water, so that’s something.) The thing about this is that once again, I had the sense that they wanted cheapness first, and it’s just a bonus that it reduces CO2 emissions and plastic bottle use. They might very well have done another, cheaper solution that was less environmentally friendly as long as it really was cheaper.

I know my company just wants to save money, and I respect that, especially since these cost-saving measures help us avoid more layoffs. If they just said We’re replacing the water coolers with a new, cheaper water dispensation system, I’d be fine with that. It’s the sense of faux-choice and eco-bandwagon-jumping that irritates me about the whole situation.

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