Quick Retreat Recap

Day’s Verse:
Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue.
Proverbs 17:28

I went on the women’s retreat. I will fill in the following blank to describe it for now, and then share details later (maybe). It was a _______ experience:

Tiring: Not enough sleep and a lot of intensive interpersonal interactions exhaust me in no time flat.
Eating: The food was abundant, tasty, and frequent. Need I say more?
Cell phone: We had not driven 20 minutes before the first cell phone made its appearance, and although we were supposed to be retreating from our everyday lives, it seemed to me that nearly everybody called or texted home to talk to husbands and kids at least once a day, if not more frequently.
People: They kept talking about “getting alone with God” and “quiet time,” but I experienced precious little of either. From breakfast through after-dinner activities, the entire weekend felt like nearly every second had an activity for us to do in a big group. I doubt I ever spent more than 15 minutes by myself at one time.
Quiet: Not in general (if words were dollars, we would have all been multimillionaires by the end), but for me. I talked very little because I don’t really know the women in my church, and I don’t talk around strangers much. (See today’s verse of the day, above, if you want to know why.)
Photographic: In some of the small snippets of alone time I got, instead of grabbing my Bible and prayer journal like a good Christian woman, I grabbed my camera. Actually, I never let it leave my side. Of the 415 pictures I took (I know! But many are sets of three auto exposure bracketing shots of sunrises that I hope will convert into nice high dynamic range pictures), here are a few that Ian and I agreed stood out. Continue Reading >>