We Were in the Magic Kingdom!

Day’s Verse:
All things are wearisome,
more than one can say.
The eye never has enough of seeing,
nor the ear its fill of hearing.

Ecclesiastes 1:8

That was actually yesterday. Here’s our walking route, which also includes routes of all the rides I took my GPS on (every one except Splash Mountain). Deborah had an insider’s guide to doing the Magic Kingdom for adults in one day, so we followed that plan and never had to wait more than about 20 minutes for rides. We did all the best ones except Space Mountain, which is closed until November. My favorites were Big Thunder Railroad (of course) and this interesting 3D movie, PhilharMagic (I am pretty sick of the word “magic”), that was a showcase of Disney’s biggest hits but they added smells, splashes with water, and puffs of air as well as 3D. Pretty cool. By 3:00 we had done pretty much everything we wanted to do, so we went to the grocery store after a slight detour that we blame entirely on Florida’s extremely confusing Disney-area freeway system. After a break for a long nap, Ian and I prepared bok choy salad and Ian’s parents made chicken. Ian and his parents went back to the Magic Kingdom for the 9:00 fireworks show, but I opted to stay here and take a long bath in the deep tub in the company of Ender’s Game. I nearly finished it. Continue Reading >>