Today Was Dad’s Birthday!

Day’s Verse:
“He has filled the hungry with good things
but has sent the rich away empty.”

Luke 1:53 (context)

To celebrate Dad’s 53 years of life, Mom and I baked. We spent a good part of today — which I took off from volunteering especially for the occasion — making a chocolate cream pie and an ice cream cake.

The pie, mostly Mom’s creation (although I helped with application of the pudding and the whipped cream):
Dad's Birthday Pie
Its layers went like this: Homemade graham cracker crust; 1/2″ of peanut butter; homemade chocolate peanut butter pudding with melted chocolate-and-peanut butter chips swirled into the top; extremely thick layer of home-whipped whipping cream sprinkled with more chocolate-and-peanut butter chips. A “small” piece still took up the entire plate, as you can see:
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