Day’s Verse:
“In that day,” declares the LORD,
“the king and the officials will lose heart,
the priests will be horrified,
and the prophets will be appalled.”

Jeremiah 4:9

On Saturday morning I made pitas. By Sunday, our lack of hummus had become painfully apparent, so I decided to finally try making hummus from scratch. After making pesto last summer, I figured hummus couldn’t be that difficult. Sure enough, the recipe proved quite simple, although I never did find tahnini at Safeway; honestly, I never even knew if I was looking for a liquid or something in a box.

I did, however, find some pretty delicious-looking cloves of garlic.

You can probably foresee where this is going, huh?

Sure enough, I made the hummus with no trouble — amazing what a blender can achieve in a few moments — and the consistency turned out beautiful. When I sampled it, though, holy moly! The garlic flavor nearly knocked me over. Adding lemon juice helped some, but the garlic smell remains so overpowering I think I’ll be naturally bug (and person) repellent for days. I doubt my taste buds will ever register anything beyond GARLIC possibly ever.


The sad part is that I didn’t even solve the hummus shortage problem, since nobody besides me will come within 15 feet of my power-garlic concoction.

5 thoughts on “Garlic Queen

  1. I have a can,it comes in a tin,of tahnini you can have the next time I see you.Not sure where in the store it is found.We need to get you a food processor,makes the process so much easier. Your pita was delicious,and the evening very enjoyable,Hugs Jane

  2. That’s what I assumed…but you didn’t *mention* garbanzo beans, hence my worry. No slight to your hummus-making skills intended.

  3. This post was really funny until I reached the “whew” comment, at which time I was bowled over by an overpowering gust o’ garlic and was forced to stop reading.

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