Day’s Verse:
The apostles went out of the High Council overjoyed because they had been given the honor of being dishonored on account of the Name.
Acts 5:41 (context)

Real work is riding the Xtracycle. I thought my commute was difficult and slow on Artemis, but that’s before I rode all the way to work on Charlotte yesterday. Goodness, it gave me a whole new perspective on “difficult and slow.” I crept up the hills at 6 mph and was working hard at it the entire way. I must’ve burned twice the calories I usually burn riding to work. The bike just feels like a beast!

That said, I’m delighted to be back in the saddle. I’m tired and sore, and that feels so good compared to bruised and battered.

This weekend is Bike Expo, and I’ll spend all day Saturday and Sunday tabling for the Bicycle Alliance there. I hope to sneak away long enough to see the German bicycle gymnasts, at the very least.

4 thoughts on “Real Work

  1. I know your pain, Katie. It does get better, but it takes building up the muscle memory and endurance. Then there’s always that approach of “go slow and spin often.”

  2. Don’t get hung up on speed! Toss that speedometer… feel the ride. THen when you get back on another bike, you’ll be light and free. Think of it as driving a low-impact big rig 🙂

  3. Hmmm…. make sure things are tuned and tweaked, too! Tho’ my friend told me yesterday that he noticed how much faster I’m going when I’m riding my vintage single-speed Schwinn than when I’m on the Xtra.

    Or… get a heavier bike and put studded tires on it. After I’ve ridden my Gazelle, the Xtracycle feels fast!

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