Day’s Verse:
By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.
Genesis 2:2

Today was a work day. I hate weekends are work days. Last night I was out until 10:00 planning a bike class with my co-teacher, Ellen Aagaard (that doesn’t count for AmeriCorps hours, by the way. It’s just something I chose to do because I “like” it. I have chosen NOT to do any more of those for the time being). Then, this morning, I left the house at 8:45, drove to the Bike Alliance, picked up tabling supplies I had prepared yesterday, drove to the REI in Southcenter, tabled for 3 hours and taught one 20-minute bike commuting gear mini-class, packed up the tabling supplies, drove back to the Bike Alliance, dropped the supplies off, and arrived home at 3:30. If I’m counting right, that’s 7.25 hours on a Saturday.

I was really anxious about the mini-class. Initially I thought I had 10 to 12 minutes, and the talk I planned counted on having lots of group interaction in that time. Then I found out I had 30 minutes allotted and they expected it to be at least 20 minutes. I’ve never taught any type of class all on my own before, and 20 minutes seemed awfully long, even though from the classes I’ve co-taught I know 20 minutes flies by. I agonized and panicked, and then I had a good conversation with one of the staff members. Something she said gave me the idea of talking about gear in terms of a story, and what I ended up with was a quasi-autobiographical discussion of the evolution of my gear from when I started commuting with nothing special to now — when I look all serious and intimidating. I emphasized that every piece of gear I bought solved a problem, and that before you go buy anything, you should ride for a while and figure out what problems you want to solve. Then you look at your budget. The gear you buy is whatever fits in your budget and solves the problem. I had about 6 people sit down and listen to my talk, enough that I was able to interact some with them. Afterward, the REI coordinator came and told me that the people in the mini-class said it was quite good and they had enjoyed it, so I consider it a success. When I do it again next Saturday, I’ll pose problems and then take some time to solicit solutions from the audience.

After I got home, Ian and I walked over to one of the homes that has been high on my list. We’re concerned about the amount of sunlight it gets, because it’s got a huge hill directly to the west, and it abuts a green space with dense, tall trees. I talked to the neighbors on either side of the place and got some interesting input. It sounds like the homeowner’s association is very controlling, to the point of not allowing people to park their cars in their driveways. That definitely gives us pause. Tomorrow afternoon we’re going out with Linnea again. She said she’d look at as many homes as we had the stamina for. Can I just say right now I don’t have any stamina left after today?

Other random stuff:
1. I got my Washington State driver’s license today. Hehe.
2. I heard Mom and Dad got to Bolivia OK last weekend, but I haven’t heard from them since. Hope they’re staying out of trouble and away from horrible, life-long diseases.
3. Ian and I agreed that house hunting has had one positive impact: We’re working closely as a team and really enjoying it.
4. I hope to make some homemade bread some day in the future. Next time I have >3 hours free.
5. I keep longing for my bike. It’s in the shop right now, but will take at least a month. Sad face.
6. I rode 173 miles on the rental bike this week.
7. I’m going to go watch a brainless movie, or possibly fall asleep in front of the fireplace. So tired.

2 thoughts on “OhNoMyBrains

  1. I’d be really scared to teach a class, but I guess when you know the material so well it’s not so bad. Now take a week day off, OK?

  2. Oh goodness, I was scared spitless! I rehearsed a dozen times in the days ahead, and even so I was really nervous. It helped to have very few “students,” and even so I wasn’t really sure if it had gone off OK until the REI gal came by later. And I’m getting nervous for this Saturday when I’m doing it again.

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