Day’s Verse:
A lotus blossoming in a swamp of weeds—
that’s my dear friend among the girls in the village.

Song of Solomon 2:2

Off to Pomeroy bright and early tomorrow morning, and the following week I’m in Zillah. Pomeroy is almost in Idaho and not so far from Oregon in that far southeastern corner of Washington. I’m looking forward to spending a few days there since I’ve never spent much time out that way (gee, I wonder why?). I intend to get in at least one good long bike ride, probably Thursday after I finish teaching.

I will be totally without Internet until I get home on Friday. This will serve to emphasize how Internet-addicted I am and will also serve as a bit of a forced detox. I have no intention of staying on the wagon, though, and if I could find a way to have the Internet with me on these trips, trust me, I would. But a smartphone or laptop are both out due to cost, so if you need me, it’s back to the old-fashioned phone. And texting. Perhaps the single most depressing thing about that is that it makes me realize how infrequently other people initiate interactions with me. I need to think about this some more — why that is — and do something about it if it really bothers me that much.

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