Day’s Verse:
God spoke: “Earth, green up! Grow all varieties of seed-bearing plants, every sort of fruit-bearing tree.”
And there it was.

Genesis 1:11

Exhibit A: My pants and jacket, both muddy. Not pictured: The splats of mud on glasses, in hair, etc. Yes, I am wearing Smartwool socks, since you ask. They are the best ever.
Exhibit A: Muddy Pants & Jacket

Exhibit B: My gloves and shovel handle. The entire handle looked like this from end to end.
Exhibit B: Muddy Shovel & Gloves

And the conclusion?
Exhibit C: Plants in Rain Garden!
Finally, a month after getting our rain garden plants, I started planting some of them. I got 8 out of 16 in the ground today.

I’m not very good with plants generally, but I was very careful to follow the planting directions: For each plant, I dug a nice big hole, built a mound, spread the root ball (as best I could; many of the pots were partially frozen) around the mound, filled in the hole with the remaining dirt, and then built a little berm around each one to help retain water. I did not water copiously as directed, because there was standing water where I was planting and the ground was saturated already. I also used the native soil from the pot first, and then filled in with our rain garden soil.

I hope it wasn’t too late in the year to plant. They should get plenty of water the rest of the winter, anyway. I hope the plants survive. I feel oddly attached to those scrawny, leafless little twigs.

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