Day’s Verse:
Her whole way of life is doomed;
every step she takes brings her closer to hell.
No one who joins her company ever comes back,
ever sets foot on the path to real living.

Proverbs 2:18-19

I was going to write a post about being pregnant, but I’ve had an Other Katie experience that is infinitely more interesting. I’m still kind of boggling at it, actually.

Yesterday evening, I received the following email:

Dear [Redacted],

Thanks for joining Adult FriendFinder. Please login instantly to activate
your account and start mingling with hot and sexy people.

Username: [redacted]
Password: [redacted]

You can also log in automatically using this link:
==> [redacted]

Until you sign in, hot hook-ups and friends won’t be able to view your profile,
so what are you waiting for? Login now and you could get laid by tonight!


The Adult FriendFinder Team

Adult FriendFinder
220 Humboldt Ct, Sunnyvale, CA 94089
This email was sent to you in association with the member,
[redacted], on Adult FriendFinder. If you think you’ve received this email
in error, please click on the following link to remove your email
address from our database:

At first I thought it was spam, but no, it included a user name and password. Some Other Katie had signed up at this nasty hookup site, and typed in MY email address. At first I thought it was funny, and I left it be.

Then today I got another email:

Subject: New message from ‘Spicynsexi’ at Adult FriendFinder
Dear [Redacted],

You have a private message waiting for you from ‘Spicynsexi’ at Adult FriendFinder! Spicynsexi wants to get to know you better and is waiting for your reply.

Read Now

To retrieve your message:
• Log on to Adult FriendFinder. Your username is ‘[redacted]’ (your password can be requested from the site).
• Click on the personal Message Center mailbox on the upper left hand side of the main page.
• Click on the message to read and respond to it.
Premium members get one-step direct links to log on and read their messages. Upgrade now at

The Adult FriendFinder Team

Almost immediately, another email landed in my inbox, this one even more disturbing:

Subject: Your Sexy Match is Here!
Your Sexy Match

View Erotic Photos on Site

30-year-old woman from Germantown, Wisconsin.
(1 photo)

Contact Her

Add to Hotlist

Check me out

Wait a second. Other Katie is lesbian?! And now I am getting her lesbian hookup emails?!!!

Oh no.

No, no, no.

Thanks, but NOT my cup of tea, not by a long shot.

Clearly I can’t leave it be; I have to unsubscribe, or, better yet, shut down the account entirely. No way am I getting endless emails from a super-sketchy site devoted to helping lesbian Katie get laid fast. I’m all for Katie finding…um…friends, but not using my email address. EW.

I logged in and tried to disable the account, but unfortunately Katie showed at least a little bit of smarts and had already changed the auto-generated password to something memorable for her. Instead, I had to settle for clicking the “wrong email” link at the bottom of the initial email, changing the email settings to remove my email from the database, and confirming that no, I didn’t want any OTHER nasty hookup-related emails.

Only time will tell if it worked, but having had to interact with that website at all, even to unsubscribe, makes me feel like I need to go wash my hands. So excuse me, I’m going to go do that now. Meanwhile, don’t forget, I post all the Other Katie emails on the Other Katie Lost & Found.

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