Here is Benji yesterday during his tummy time.


He was in that magical “quiet but alert” phase that doesn’t happen very often (normally it’s lightly sleeping, heavily sleeping, or fussing) and kept his eyes open long enough to look around a bit. Needless to say, we seized the opportunity.

Lest I give the faulty impression it’s all peaches and cream, however, here’s a view I get all too often, most frequently (of course) at night.


Yesterday we went for a walk around our neighborhood park. It was a cautionary moment for me: My body is fit and eager to go… Except for the extremely tender still-healing wound where Benji came out. Despite my increasing desire to MOVE, my body made it clear that is not on the docket yet. It will be hard as I heal to let myself fully recover and not overdo (or do at all, for the moment) the physical activity I so crave.

In unrelated but positive news, we signed our mortgage refinance paperwork today. This saves us about $400 a month. Yay!

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