As my imprisonment and torture continue past the one-month mark, Mommy and Daddy find ever new ways of seeking to break my indomitable spirit. One recent day – I cannot pinpoint it exactly, as they deny me timekeeping devices, making every minute, hour, and day endless – Daddy unlimbered a new devil device.

I have managed to obtain and smuggle out a couple photos of this device, in the hopes that my compatriots may find some weakness.



And here is one of Mommy using a different device for a similar purpose.


Well, I never claimed they would be good photos. I believe that my displeasure and heroic resistance come across clearly in at least one photo. Granted, I did fall asleep in Mommy’s devices, but I have formerly explained how I use sleep to foil their hideous plans.

Lately, I have begun to suspect they’re spiking my milk (oh cursed, beloved liquid!) with something that, shall we say, distresses my digestive system. Why they would do such a thing, I cannot imagine; but then, I cannot begin to fathom any of their motives. I have taken advantage of the situation, however, and managed to create a number of most satisfactory messes, which have caused my captors some trouble (or so I surmise from their sounds of dismay as I continually catch them by surprise).

Much more to report – I have started an extensive visual reconnaissance, supplemented with a small amount of tactile data – but Mommy’s coming…

One thought on “Secret Diary of Benji Ferguson, Part 4

  1. It seems that since the straightjacket has become less effective in keeping you restrained, your captors are trying new approaches. I am confident, Benji, that you will figure out a way to break free from them yet. Keep eating and eventually you will be too big to fit!

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