Yesterday Benji discovered that, when he’s hungry but isn’t getting food immediately, he can suck on his thumb or fingers to feel calmer. Twice he deliberately put his thumb in his mouth, and later we caught him with his fingers in there, drool slowly oozing from between the fat little folds.


This is exciting for a couple reasons:
1. It means he’s found his fingers and purposely did something with them; and
2. He is starting to figure out how to soothe himself when he’s upset. Not that I advocate thumb-sucking in general, but I am a fan of figuring out how to calm down without parental intervention.

We also inherited a lovely pile of baby books (among many other things) from my friend Jean Guth, whose son has outgrown lots of baby stuff we’re now finding indispensable. Benji already enjoys looking at the black-and-white silhouette book.


I make up stories to go along with the silhouettes. It’s amusing to try to come up with something that matches the pictures, and makes a nice change from saying “Yes, that’s a maple leaf!”

One thought on “Finger Sucking Good

  1. Wow, this photo of Benji “reading” gives me a headache just thinking about trying to focus that close to anything. Sigh. Age.

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