Insult and injury! My jailors have stooped to new lows, inflicting truly cruel and unusual torture on me, even as I had just begun relaxing my guard. I trusted them, and they took that trust and trampled in in the dirt. Oh, if only I was bigger…!

The facts are these: While it is true that, in the last week or so, I may have disturbed my nefarious captors’ nights a little bit and, yes, perhaps I may have caused them some discomfort by refusing to nap well during the daytime – I have only done my duty as a prisoner, fighting to suppress every twinge of affection for these monsters, never succumbing. But we seemed to have reached some kind of equilibrium, and I started to lose my wariness. So, in summary, things were going moderately well, considering the circumstances.

Mommy and Daddy have started giving me some liberties. They began teaching me their language by talking to me constantly, reading aloud to me, and showing me pictures of objects, then naming the objects. They have helped (goodness only knows why) improve my dexterity by stacking blocks and allowing me to reach out and knock them over. They hang interesting, brightly-colored objects above my head, but within arms’ reach, in my auxiliary cell (some of these make noise when I hit them – interesting). We smiled and stuck tongues out at each other. I started to think maybe there might be something to those other prisoners’ advice.

I thought, in short, that we were making progress.

Then we went to the cold, bright place. I only vaguely remember this place from previous visits; I must have blocked the horrible details out of my memory. But I will never forget that day.

At first it wasn’t so bad. They stripped me naked, but I lost any modesty long ago. They put me on an icy cold table, but only briefly (a stranger called out some number – 10.3 pounds – that meant nothing to me). Another stranger shined lights in my eyes and passed a cold, round, flat object all over my chest.  She also poked me in rather private places, but as I said, my modesty is long gone.

That all was odd and disturbing, but Mommy gave me milk and I heard Daddy’s voice, so it was okay. Then came the horrible part. Brace yourself.

The stranger came back and, while Mommy restrained me, he stabbed long needles into my thighs! Oh, the pain! It hurt so much that I tried to scream, but no sound came out. The agony was unbearable. It seemed to go on forever. I wept, despite all my resolutions to remain strong; Mommy tried to comfort me, that two-faced vixen. I will not soon forget that she held me during that horrific procedure. Later she practically water-boarded me in the guise of cleaning me off, and although I strenuously protested, it seemed mild compared to earlier.

The rest of the day was a blur of exhaustion and misery. I cannot believe that I ever thought Mommy and Daddy might not be so bad. Well, the blinders are off now. My will is firm. I am resolved never to make that mistake again.


One thought on “Secret Diary of Benji Ferguson: Part 7

  1. Oh, Benji, I winced reading about the torture inflicted on you yesterday. But perhaps it was a necessary thing and Mommy and Daddy felt awful about it too. I hope you feel better today!

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