Secret Diary of Benji Ferguson, Part 9

I have been so busy, I haven’t had time to pen more in this volume, though I believe its value to future prisoners in such dire straights as myself remains undiminished. I fear I may simply be recording a slow decline into decadence and the ultimate failure of my resistance, perhaps condemning me in the eyes of my superiors; but, if nothing else, my story may serve as a cautionary tale for those who follow.

It is now almost 14 weeks since this tribulation began, four months of milk, of incomprehensible behavior from my captors, of being passed from hand to hand and slung over shoulders like baggage, of bizarre and terribly-written stories, of painfully off-key singing, of massive diapers and “desitin,” whatever that may be. I shall not mention the other tortures even too miserable to recall. Continue Reading >>