You know how mattress ads sometimes have allusions to the cloud-like qualities of their products? Well, we can do one better: For Christmas, Grammy Deborah actually made Benji a cloud toy.


In this picture he looks asleep but is really resting his head during tummy time. Although he still hasn’t figured out rolling over, tummy time is going well, and now that he can hold his head up enough to look around, he fusses far less than previously.

Also in the neck-strength department, he’s getting the hang of the jumper seat we recently obtained. He sort of slumps forward in it (balance isn’t a forte at this point) and when he gets tired he leans his head on the straps. But he has started figuring out that straightening his legs has an effect – whoa, those lower appendages may be there for more than just random flailing! Crazy!

On the subject of Christmas, I hope everyone had a joyful one as we celebrated what remains the greatest gift imaginable. This year was possibly our best Christmas ever, as giving Benji presents (many books, happily, including the extremely cute Goodnight Gorilla; also, some clothes and a good number of chewable toys) is super-fun, rewarding, and easy.*

He’s such a happy baby that it’s a joy to play with him. Reading is especially great, with him trying to eat the book but also looking intently at the pages with great interest and patience. It’s pretty easy to induce his grandparents to watch him.

* Ian and I actually received great gifts this year, too:



Not pictured are Ian’s drill set (a good manly gift) and flannel-lined jeans and my humongous KitchenAid mixer (“with real steel transmission” – what kind of kitchen implement has a transmission?)

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