This morning at approximately 7:30 am, Benji rolled over for the first time (followed shortly by the second time). I was pumping and reading a book and not paying real close attention to Benji’s tummy time; Ian had put him down and left to wash the bottle. I saw some unusual movement out of the corner of my eye and looked up just in time to see Benji complete the flop, land spread-eagled on his back, and then lay there rather surprised and puzzled. I startled him by exclaiming loudly in excitement; he contented himself with petting the stuffed puppy and looking perfectly calm.

Ian came up a few minutes later and was dismayed to have missed the First Roll Over, but turned Benji tummy-side down again and was rewarded with Benji promptly rolling over again. I’m sure Benji was thinking, “Sheesh, how many times do I have to do this? I want to be on my back, but as soon as I get there, you flip me over again!”

So that was very exciting, and we’re hoping for repeat performances later on in the day.

Also today the nurse from the doctor’s office called: “May I please speak to Benjamin?”
Me: “No, he’s only four months old.” (Also, he was napping)
Nurse: [Discomfited] “Oh…”

Fortunately I was able to handle Benji’s business well enough that I didn’t have to wake him up to speak to the nurse himself.


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