Boy does time go fast! I can’t believe it’s been a week – and a busy week at that.

In addition to taking care of my yeast infection issues*, I started my new job as Client Service Administrator (aka “apprentice financial planner”) with Kaizen Financial Advisors. Fortunately, right now that means I closet myself in my home office for a few hours a few days a week and make arrangements for childcare to facilitate the occasional mandatory in-person client meetings. I anticipate learning a lot.

We also gave Benji his first taste of solid food: mushed-up avocado. He was less than thrilled. The first time, this last Sunday, I don’t think he actually swallowed any of it, but did manage to get it all over his face and hands. The second time, today, Deborah fed him while I held him and he actually seemed to swallow some. At least, avocado disappeared off the spoon and didn’t reappear on the bib or his face.

Additionally, I gave him a large chunk of peeled carrot, too big to choke on but small enough to fit in his mouth, to suck on. He sucked that with a fair amount of disapproval, then gave up. However, I attribute that to his being particularly sleepy at the time. His expression put me in mind of Frodo’s “tragic gaze” in Lord of the Rings:

Frodo in LOTR



Yeah, not super enthusiastic, but we’ll get there. If nothing else, I am excited to start him on solids, and I can’t believe he’s old enough for that already.

In other non-Benji news, I can’t resist mentioning I got a new fork (a Whiskey No. 5) for my pink bike, Artemis. It so dramatically improves the ride experience, it’s almost like getting a whole new bike. I’m exorbitantly pleased and can’t help raving about it. I’ll try to keep the thrilled comments to a minimum, though.

Finally, a friend of mine joined us and some folks from our church who helped us obtain and move in an armoire that, as advertised, required 4 strong guys to shift. It definitely did not get upstairs, as I initially hoped, but we found a good home for it downstairs. I’m quite pleased. A huge thanks to Karissa, Ian, Matt, Mike, and Isaac, who made it possible.

* This has been the final straw. After much painful deliberation, I have decided to quit pumping – and therefore stop providing breast milk – when Benji hits 6 months. Whole nother blog post there.

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