Benji is a strange child.

We’ve offered him smooshed-up avocado with milk and apple sauce liberally cut with milk, with zero interest. We’re not expecting him to get any nutrition from “solid” food yet, so come isn’t a big deal… But most of the time we offer anything, Benji makes it abundantly clear he’d prefer milk, thank you very much.

He did seem to show a little interest in the raw carrot when I gave him that, but it was a reserved and cautious “this may not be 100% terrible” response.

Today, though, Benji showed his strongest positive response to any solid food yet. I gave him a piece and, after some careful exploratory licking yielded positive results, he went at it with increasing gusto. He figured out a good hold and soon we heard vigorous sucking noises, accompanied by fairly enthusiastic chewing (as much as a toothless baby can be said to chew; “gnaw” might more accurately reflect reality, although that also implies dentition).

And what is this miracle food?




Why, cold steamed broccoli, of course. Naturally.

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